Class Action

VWM has been involved in numerous class action law suits involving voluminous data and analytics.   Our team has the experience and staff to handle these complex matters efficiently and expertly. This often involves organizing and synthesizing data that is initially muddled and fragmented.   VWM has experience in wage and hour matters, asbestos and product liability class actions.
Our experience includes, but is not limited to:
  • Calculating past and future loss of earnings and benefit for all class members
  • Quantifying penalties and pre judgement interest
  • Calculating the present value of future medical care costs
  • Quantifying past medical care costs and reimbursement amounts
  • Evaluating net worth for punitive damages
  • Reviewing and critiquing opposing expert reports
  • Performing exposure analyses and sampling
  • Calculating alternate scenarios for mediation and settlement purposes
  • Creating demonstrative exhibits for trial
  • Testifying when needed at deposition, arbitration and trial